Exercise, if aimed at weight loss, must focus on aerobic activity and keep the maximum heart rate below a certain threshold to allow the body to draw energy from fat.

Supplements for weight loss in support of physical activity

A formula that allows, roughly, within which to evaluate threshold remain to metabolize fats is as follows: 220 - age x 65-70% Obviously this is a rough formula because we must take into account many variables and, above all, of the characteristics Individuals'. In support of a strategy for weight loss mainly through aerobic exercise + Watt recommended to use before exercise or Thermostart Acetyl-L-Carnitine + or a combination of both to exploit the action of Thermostart nicking fatty deposits in fatty tissues and that of acetyl-L-carnitine + to promote the energy use of fatty acids.

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Supplements for weight loss through power control

The weight loss passes, of course, through diet control and certain types of foods: in particular foods with a high component of fat or sugar. The body has a system of regulation that allows you to keep your blood sugar within a certain range when it exceeds a certain threshold, the pancreas secretes insulin that "controls" the liver to remove glucose and store it. If the glucose in circulation exceeds the liver's ability to store it (about 70 g) carbohydrates in excess translate into fat. A strategy of reducing weight by controlling food can be supported through a combination of Lipoic Acid and CLA +. The intake of lipoic acid before meals allows you to limit the rise in blood glucose while integration of CLA + favors a redirection of nutrients to support the increase in lean body mass at the expense of the fat.

Supplements for weight loss by accelerating the metabolism

Metabolism is the set of processes that take place within our body, these processes extract the energy contained in food (calories) to direct it to the demands of the body to meet the vital needs. Accelerate metabolism allows then to increase the body's energy output and, consequently, reduce the risk of accumulating weight through non-use energy of what you eat. Metabolism is based on three factors: the basal metabolic rate, which affects a band that goes 60-75% of the total), physical activity (from 15 to 30% of total metabolism) and thermogenesis induced by food (from 10 to 15%). Stackfire EVO acts on the basal metabolism through a series of stimulating substances that contribute to acceleration. It appears, therefore, to be compatible with any lifestyle: from the most active and sports to the more sedentary.