Here are our recommendation for running supplements.


Designed to nourish the athlete before the race or training. These bars are tried and tested by the best endurance athletes in the world, and are designed to provide the athlete maximum carbohydrates per 100g to give you the edge on your competition.

New Energy+
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Grain Power
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During Race or training

During the race, it is paramount to replenish expended energy and fluids. Watt products are designed for rapid absorption, ease of consumption and to provide a boost of energy during the run. Gels are a way to provide an energy boost in the short and medium term during exertion.  To ensure the runner stays hydrated, Watt offers 2 electrolyte products, Sali+ and Sali+ Performance. Both Sali+ products contain electrolytes, with the performance variation containing caffeine.

After Race or Training

After the race or training, it is vital for runners to ensure that recovery products are used within 30 minutes of the race. Watt's recovery products include pharmaceutical quality WHEY protein powder, protein bars and the highly popular R.M.1 Recovery Formula. The recovery products promote the absorption of nutrients, and amino acids which are essential for the repair of the muscle damaged by physical effort.

Whey Protein 90
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For cramps

Especially in prolonged races or training sessions, some runners more than others, are exposed to the risk of cramps. The onset of cramps is linked to, besides genetics (some people are more predisposed than others), to the quantity of water or minerals that a muscle in action can lose during the race or training. Fluidmag is a magnesium supplement in liquid form, so easily ingestible. The supplement is very effective in relieving muscle cramps and in limiting the onset of muscle cramps . Recommended dosage: 1 vial 30 minutes before the race or during the onset of a cramp, or 1 Magnesio+ tablet (300 mg of magnesium per tablet) every day.

Against lactic acid

While running, a large amount of hydrogen ions (lactic acid) which are only partly metabolized by our body, are released in muscles.  As the effort increases, the antacid buffers produced by the body (e.g. carnosine) can no longer limit the lactic acid produced and the concentration lactic rises leading to fatigue or, even, to muscle paralysis.  Beta-Alanine+ is a Beta-Alanine supplement that along with L-histidine, makes up carnosine (an effective buffer for lactic acid). The consumption of Beta-Alanine is the only way to increase carnosine levels in muscles and counteract the production of lactic acid. Recommended dosage: 1 tablet a day on rest days, 2 on training days before the race.

In support of the immune system

The practice of physical activity, beyond a certain threshold, increases sensitivity to viral and bacterial infections. Watt's Vitamin C and Vitamins and Minerals supplements are both designed promote immune system health and general wellbeing.